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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hey Everyone, its me Lara from The Fit Crafter PH and today's post is craft related.

Last year I wrote about this amazing craft shop I "found" while at an event back in summer 2014 in Bacolod's 888. OkiDoki Craft shop SPOTTED <--- read it here.
And now I am so stoked to let ya'll know that your favourite, #1 one stop craft shop in Bacolod has now expanded and branched out to a much bigger space to cater to your crafting frenzies.  Yes! That is right! a 2nd much BIGGER OkiDoki store!!

Since the first store was getting smaller for the items and stocks they currently offer, it was about time for them to make more room. So armed with determination and will, capital and 6 months of prep work, your favourite place to get paper tapes, pen sets, burlap and 3d letters now has a great new, bigger place to offer you craft junkies personalized name plates, martha stewart punches, more imported craft supplies and your most requested chalkboard paint and mod podge! Isn't that AMAZING!!! Their greatest joy during this expansion was seeing the store coming to life one day at a time.

Here are a few photos I took during their soft opening along side 888 Premier's soft opening as well.

Oki Doki Craft Shop Bacolod

Oki Doki Craft shop Bacolod

Yes! They offer SOFT FELT in bigger sheets for bigger projects!!!!
Soft Felt Bacolod Oki Doki

Oki Doki Craft Shop Bacolod

The Magical E6000 is now available over at Oki Doki!!! Don't let your crafts fall apart! 
E6000 For sale Bacolod

Not only does Oki Doki make you craft happy, they will spoil you will calligraphy stuff too!
Calligraphy Pen For Sale Bacolod

You see chalkboard paint. I see endless possibilities!
Chalk Board Paint Bacolod

Oki Doki Craft shop Bacolod

Oki Doki Craft shop Bacolod

Oki Doki Craft shop Bacolod

Oki Doki Craft Shop Bacolod

When in doubt, Add glitter. But this one is in foam sheet form. Tell me in the comment section below what you can do with glitter foam because I, personally have never tried working with them yet.
Gitter Foam Bacolod

Burlap and Twine Bacolod

I just want to congratulate Erika and Jan for a job well done with the new branch! It is looking super lovely and Craft mouthwatering. Everything looks perfect and I couldn't ask for a better place to make myself craft happy. 

So guys and girls of Bacolod city, make sure you visit Oki Doki's 2nd Branch on the second floor of the new 888 China Town Square Premier. 
Also follow them on their social media listed below

FACEBOOK: Oki Doki Crafts

ps. sorry for the bad photo quality. I was just using my phone because my camera is busted. 

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