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Monday, September 14, 2015

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Good morning netizens, readers, and fellow bloggers! Lara Novales here bearing some good news (to me at least and perhaps to others as well)! I am BACK with a vengeance
! Some of you may know me from
the old site Thinpirational Journey or Kawaii Fitness. I have long closed those sites due to schedule conflicts and other things for that matter, but of course the thought of blog revival has always lingered in my head and of course my readers from all over has been asking me to post once more. And thanks to the Digital Marketing seminar I attended last weekend, it finally gave me that push to get back into the blogsphere plus rebrand/rename and consolidate my two main worlds.

You might be wondering, "Why Fit Crafter PH?"
 Well it is because I wanted a home for both my hobbies and passion. I love fitness and I love to craft. When I say fitness, I don't just mean "weight loss" but working out, eating healthy, resting, sleeping and the likes. 
I also love crafting, so much so that I was able to put up a very small crafting business called Khrafteesi. When I say crafting I don't just mean the artsy fartsy crafts. Crafting involves prop making, jewelries, costumes and of course the simple DIYs and craft hacks. And also don't forget that cosplay is a craft and if it wasn't for Cosplay I would probably not even be into crafting. 
And last but not the least I am from the Philippines, currently based in the beautiful City of Smiles, Bacolod City! 

So now that I am back, what d I have in store for everyone? Here are some of them in no particular order. 



  • Craft Hauls
  • Spotted: Local craft shops, crafters, small craft businesses
  • Craft tutorials/ DIYs/Hacks
  • Events: Crafting/ Cosplay etc..
This blog basically serves as my semi-personal space. For some of my old readers, they already know that my style of writing is a bit informal and more personal, it is just like the way I'd sound if I were directly talking to you, my friends. :) My aim is to connect with all of you while preserving my own memories on my journeys through life. 

So I hope we all have a GREAT time here together. Love you lots!

Lara Novales

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- Lara-chan