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When You're stressed, Splurge on Craft Items

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Its been forever since I updated this blog properly, mainly because I have been extremely busy the past summer (in the Philippines) and my schedule conflicts with everything. 

Anyway, yesterday was a super stressful day, even this day is mega stressful so I ended up going to the one place that I know will always make me Craft Happy, OKI DOKI Craft shop. 

They have such a wide array of craft items that will make an addict like me go ballistic.  I wrote a review about them when their shop was just a a few months old.  You can read about it here:

So these are a few of the things I got from their store:

This giant paper book is absolutely gorgeous and I have been eyeing this for some time now, and because of my stresses I finally let go of all inhibitions and just bought it!! I do not regret a single thing. These decorative papers will be a great addition to the backgrounds for my products at Khrafteesi 
Also I used it as a background for the other items I bought Ahehee. 

Next I bought these letter blocks. It was about time I got one for myself. I have plans for this, I just need to buy some gold glitters and use the pink decorative paper. As you know I'm getting addicted with the Pink and Gold color scheme and I'm really trying to make my room into that color scheme

I remember as a child I would collect stickers and had a sticker album and Id trade with others, then my glorious sticker album got stolen.. :( it was a sad day, but my love for stickers remain. And I'm so happy the Oki Doki has these adorable 3D stickers of food and desserts! OMGSH!!! I'm so happy! I am thinking of starting another sticker album but they don't sell those anymore in the Philippines. Does anyone know where I can buy sticker albums? Perhaps I can search pinterest for DIY sitcker albums. then maybe I can start trading with people again. :) 

Of course what haul is complete without my regular dose of Washi/decorative tapes? You know how much I love this! Maybe I will dedicate a post on my washi tape collection. Its not as huge as others because I only started collecting (hoarding) them last year.  
I am in love with the metallic/glittery washi tapes because they are super.... shineeehh!
And I got this snowflake/christmasy one because i remember back in December I realized I didn't have ANY!

So for the longest time... I have failed to purchase proper ink/stamp pads and finally I saw this purple one at OkiDoki and I bought ti immediately, I also bought this roller stamp (last month), so now I can finally use it because I have a stamp pad. 
I am a little concerned because I might love stamping so much that I might buy more stamping items... ONE CRAFT AT A TIME LARA!!! Juice Colored!!!

Before I forget, I also bought my first Modge Podge but I forgot to take a photo of it. I'm really excited to use it with my crafts. :) 

So this concludes my haul(s) I hope you enjoyed it. 
If you live in Bacolod City, you should definitely go to Oki Doki which is located on the 2nd floor of 888 China Town Square. 
I'm not sure if they cater to online orders because they do most of their business over at their physical shop, but maybe if you send them a very very nice message they will be more than happy to cater to your crafting DESIRESSSSSSS.

So with that, I will end this post. :) 

I hope ya'll enjoyed it. If not... :( :( :( huhuh what can I do to make things more interesting? 

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