Planner's And Milktea 7th Assembly

Saturday, June 20, 2015

I can't believe it. Its already been over half a year since the birth of our little Bacolod planner community/club/group called Planners and Milktea. 

Today we actually did more than just plan. I brought over some of Khrafteesi's Air Dry Clay and the rest was history. :) let me share with you guys what we did today. :) 

So first I brought out all the stickers I printed for them and Erika and Yen went all crazy over the corgi and mamegoma sticker flakes I printed and cut. :) I'm really happy that they liked it so much! Ahehehe I might print some more and give them more bwahahah!! because we can never be too old for stickers

Planners and Milktea BCD

Planners and Milktea BCD

Then after all the sticker madness I brought out 50 grams of Khrafteesi ADC (Air Dry Clay) and quickly taught them how to make some mini macarons. :) I think they enjoyed. And their first creations were actually pretty good. :) 

Planners and Milktea BCD Khrafteesi

Planners and Milktea BCD Khrafteesi

Then finally we started to decorate out planners. Oh Oh OH and you see those matching cupcake pencil pouches? Erika gave them to us! <3 <3 <3 I really love these girls because we always get to exchange many things during our meet ups. And there are always tons of surprises. <3 

planners and milktea BCD plannerph community

Here is Yen's June month at a glance spread on her pocket planner. :) It is sooo tineeh! and super cute!

planners and milktea BCD plannerph community

Here is my week 28 spread which I decorated today with Erika's Black and white washi tapes! she let me use her 3mm slims and it was AMAZING and soo tineh! I'm still a bit lost when it comes to the weekly spreads because Im more of a daily and month at a glance kind of girl but I think I'll figure it out in the long run. :) 

This reminds me that I need to buy more black and white washi tapes. 

planners and milktea BCD plannerph community Lara Novales

I was unable to take a photo of Erika and Shamay's planner decorations today huhuhu but here are some photos of our planners stacked together. :) Erika's HUGE planner at the bottom, then my A5 planner named "Sam" and then Shamay's DIY school planner and note book, then Yen's super cute pocket planner at the top. Of course we took our monthly instax mini 8 photo . :) 
And before I forget, Yen made these bottle cap planner charms which is just absolutely ADORABLE!!! <3 <3 

planners and milktea BCD plannerph community

So that is basically it. We have a new member which is my Khrafteesi Assistant, Shamay! She is super creative and we all love her DIY phone case and her planner. :P We're really happy to have her on board! I'm excited for our 8th Assembly this July! 

planners and milktea BCD 7th Assembly

 If you live in Bacolod City and you are looking for a planner community, please feel free to join us! You can email me at Khrafteesi(dot)com for more information. :3 

Good night everyone!

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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