Moving Back to This Blog

Sunday, May 10, 2015

It has been almost half a year since I last updated this blog.
There are several new things I want to announce.
I am closing KAWAII FITNESS a.k.a Thinspirational Journey... or actually I will stop updating that blog/website because I can no longer commit to it which is really a waste because I really liked it. I will not be shutting it down so that people can still access the contents including my workout challenges and stuff.

I want to move everything here to this blog and just make this my main dumping ground for everything.

So, how do I plan to organize this blog?

- Cosplay
- Crafts (none Khrafteesi related)
- Fitness
- Life in general
- Events
- basically EVERYTHING excluding Khrafteesi stuff because those will go to the Khrafteesi Main site.

huhuh this heat is really unbearable! I can't even think straight

Anyway I hope I will be able to set everything up properly in this blog here so that the contents can be categorized accordingly.


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- Lara-chan