Review: Punk Sinatra studs

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Punk Sinatra Stud Review by Lara Novales

And after long weeks of no update I finally have some content for ya'll. In this post I will be reviewing studs from PUNK SINATRA. 

Punk Sinatra DIY
So let us get right on with it. I have ordered/ bought some studs from them a while back and I used it for my Khrafteesi Icing Bows.

Khrafteesi Icing Bows Purple

Khrafteesi Icing Bows rED vELVET

I had lots of fun using the studs so I decided to order a few more packs and of course with that I made a video review of it. I will embed it down below for you to enjoy.

Well since this was a meet up I can't really say much but then since it IS a meet up, Angela from Punk Sinatra was very very very nice so I am going to rate this as a 10/10

I don't know if I can actually rate the design of the studs, but I think this section does not apply since these are already made materials from the get go but I guess I can grade it basing on the availability of the design. They have a pretty good selection of studs, but then again I'm not very adept at what type there actually are in the market but for me, they have everything I will need. :) although it would be amazing if there were cupcake shaped studs. 

The studs I have gotten from them so far have been amazing and no tarnishing for now so I will give them a perfect score of 10. :) 

Yes they get a plus on this because the owners are amazing and it is so easy to talk with them and inquire and they are very much polite and fun. 

Even with a small shortage of designs Punk Sinatra still goes home with a perfect 40/40 score. Im sure with more demand come more availability of items so let us continue to support them by buying more.  ^_^ and liking their page. 

So PUNK SINATRA is a great place to buy your studs for your awesome diy projects. Even if you're not into the punk scene you can still create really amazing items out of these. Sky is the limit. At least now you know where you can buy them. ^_^ 

So I am very much looking forward to having more budget to buy more studs from them just to have on hand. :) 

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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