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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When my friend Aiyana told me about a certain event that was going to take place in Iloilo, I wasted no time in saying yes (despite my lack of funds at the time but I kept faith) So i took the ferry from Bacolod City and went to Iloilo. 

It was really a whole new world for me there. Iloilo is unlike the other cities in the Philippines I've been to. But this post is not about that but I want to focus on the event that took place that night in Savannah City. 


A Guinness Book of Records attempt on making the 
"Largest Flaming Image Using Candles"

Yes, how could I not say yes to this? This event will be a part of our history. And, of course, I want to be a part of that! I wanted to see the lights ( lots of Disney quotes here).

After some food trips and shopping at the city center we got ready to go to Savannah. We were advised to bring certain items because of the rain. Yes it rained which really concerned us because these are candles that they are lighting. But all is well.

Well here are the photos taken during that event.

These are the items we were told to bring. So being the girl scout cosplayers that we are we made sure we were fully equipped

Light of Peace 2014 Torches and candles

over 100,000 people in Light of Peace 2014 Philippines

I mean just look at all these people. And this is just on one small side of the entire field in Savannah city. 

Lara Novales Guiness book of records Light of Peace 2014 Philippines

And now the lighting of the candles commence.

It looks like a war zone! hahaha!

So the Philippines Did it! We got the record for the Largest flaming image using candles! We will be known once more in the history of mankind (exxaggerating it a bit) 

Below is the poster and the video clip of the light of peace! Take some time and watch it because it is so very beautiful

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