Celebrated Earth Hour Cosplay Derpy Way

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Last Saturday was Earth Hour. And what better way to celebrate it than with friends, at THE DISTRICT (Ayala) over at Silay City where they prepared a little something for all those who wanted to participate. 

To begin, We and the gang just went to District to watch a free showing of an old Julia Roberts film, "My Best Friend's Wedding. Talk about Throwback Flashback. We lay around on the blankets on the grass in our cosplay costumes and/or Japanese fashion and relaxed after Otakulympics. Then after the movie, Earth Hour started. The lights in the Mall were switched off and they lit up these lanterns on the ground. (They couldn't make them fly due to fire hazards)

We used the opportunity to do an impromptu "photo shoot" with our iphones and digital point and shoot cameras, using ipads and mini flashlights for lighting. 

The result?


We are not, in anyway, skilled photographers, just a bunch of friends in costume trying to make the most out of an event. 

So here are some of our earth Hour Photos With the theme: 


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- Lara-chan