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Blossom Butterfly Kanzashi Review

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Being a crafter I keep a look out for awesome items around town and online. When a friend of mine starts a craft business or something to that effect, it excites me a lot! 

For some time now I have been eyeing the works of a good friend of mine, known in the cosplay community as d'Goddess Miaka, or Veronica Manuel. She creates these amazing pieces of sheer intricacy which baffles me.  I know clay charms can be minute and detailed but I don't think it meets the same level of intricate work as making a Kanzashi

So after months of canvassing and trying to figure out what design i wanted I finally placed an order. 

Now, here I am. I'm going to make a short review of


I always start with Customer Service because I am all about "Customer is Number 1" Being a marketing student and also a small business owner I always see to it that all my customers are treated like princes and princesses (to a certain extent).

I expressed my desire to have a kanzashi commissioned a long time ago but I just never went through with it because I wasn't sure on the design and also because of monetary constraints. But finally when I did, the transaction went really well. 

The shop policies are very simple. Submit design. Submit order form. Pay for the product so she can immediately buy materials needed for you item and then a week later you'll receive your package. 

Here are some photos:

So the package arrived like this. (forgive me I covered the addresses with the first items I could find nearest me) 

The product was wrapped well with bubble wrap to keep the contents safe. The Kanzashi was pinned on to a thick board and at the corner is a sticker of the logo and info of Blossom Butterfly. Oh not to mention there was a cute heart sticker too!! :3 So all the flowery goodness arrived in one piece which is nice plus I have extra bubble wrap for poppin' ^_^

I was so excited to see it and take photos. I had just bought some sakura beads and butterflies and I thought it was a great match with my newest hair accessory. Did I mention that there even was a letter. I love receiving letters with my packages. It gives the impression that the seller really took the extra effort to make things a bit more cozy and less impersonal lifting the shopping experience up a notch. So thumbs up for the letter ^_^ (I also write personal letters to all my customers :3 )

Look at all the petals! Blossom Butterfly really did a great job, because this is EXACTLY how I wanted it to look like. All Pink and Kawaii!

The Craftsman ship it very very good! Everything is secure and I won't have to worry about anything falling apart. 

Oh and I had thi lieel chocolate baby made as well. To match the theme of my online store Khrafteesi! 
So during events I will be wearing all these clips while in my Fairy Kei attire. I LOVE IT 

So here is the Verdict:

Shipping: 10/10
Everything was made so fast and timely! The items were packaged securely and nothing got destroyed during the shipping process. So I give this a 5 STAR

So me, packaging is everything. It is the front face of your store. Although other stores doesn't share the same sentiments but this is a big factor for me. I usually like craft stores because they take greater amount of effort into their packaging than the commercial ones who just stuff everything in bubble wrap and send it your way. So the verdict of Blossom butterfly packaging is 9/10. There is still a little room for improvement (but that is just me being the picky person that I am) But of course the most important thin is that the package arrived safely and there is a LETTER! I love letters!

The designs in her shop are amazing. Heck she made a damn pikachu kanzashi. But anyway, as for my kanzashi, It is amazing. I love it. Everything. from the flowers to the butterfly to the waterfall. 

Like I said, everything is firmly in place and each petal is superbly done. This is really High Quality Work right there!

Customer Service:
Veronica is really friendly and she will really cater to your inquiries. She updates you even when you don't ask. She made sure that every detail from the color of the ribbons to the color of the small metal embellishments is according to what the customer wants. She is not rude. ^_^ So I had a great time.

So overall I really recommend this shop! BUY YOUR KANZASHIS THERE!

im actually thinking of another kanzashi design to challenger her right now. 
here is a hint:

Anyway here is her shop link:

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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