Khrafteesi Workshop 1st Creations

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Like I promised here are the finished products of my friends (and mine) during the Clay party which we are now going to call Khrafteesi workshops. I do hope you have fun browsing through their amazing creations! I know I did. :P 

First up are my creations. I focused mainly of sweet as cabochons because I want to decoden some stuff. So I ended up with just these :P

I tried making a pikachu... but I failed at painting it

Since I can't eat friend chicken I made a cute one so I don't eat it

There were some scrap clay left so I made them into candies and mallows

I started becoming lazy so I just made some cookies, cracker thingies and other small items

The last bits I amde

Next are Kai's creations.

His first attempt on a bento box charm

Peas in a pod are super kawaii

Look at this mini Ramen bown he made. :P Is is just too cute!

And his last creation of the nightm the yakiniku and peas bento

Our prodigy crafter of the day (century) is JAMMY! OMG her creations were AMAZINGGG!

Next up are Yumi's sweets. :P 

Lastly are Brent's work of art. Pizza swag and Mr. cow :P 

There you have it the very first creations of the Khrafteesi workshop! 
Next weekend (this satuday) we will have another session of strictly CABOCHON making since everyone wants to try their hands at decoden. 

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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