Clay Party

First Clay Party | Amazing Crafters! | Part 1

Monday, February 10, 2014

So I finally hosted my very first Clay party ever and it was so much fun! I've always wanted to craft with friends, specially those who are interested in getting their hands on cold porcelain clay.
So Armed with cornstarch, glue my friends came over to the house and we crafted for over 5 hours! and I was so amazed at their skills in making these little charms. So let me share with you some photo collection of that day.

The first ones to arrive were Brent and Jammy and they were already really excited to get started. First Brent and I looked through pinterest for some inrpiration and he was deicded on making a pizza slice and a cow. Where as Jammy... well you'll see her creations later. They are frikkin epic!

 Do you like our small Khrafteesi Clay Station? yes that is what I call my workplace. I know its not very original but I like it. The CLAY STATION Dun Dun Dun!

Here I was designating tasks for them. One to pour the cornstarch and the other the glue. I felt like a preschool teacher again. I didn't take photos of the cooking time because its just some boring photos of us mixing and getting the right intervals. Perhaps next time ^_^

So finally it was time to work with the clay. Everyone couldn't wait to start/. Here we see Jammy getting her groove on with some white clay

Remember Brent, wanting to make pizza, Look at him texturing the crust and cheese like a boss. ^_^

Once again, Jammy was sculting away, starting with these two adorable pandas. She is very very talented with this craft. 

How cute is that!!??

Here we see Yumi using her inspiration in making this kawaii mini turtle.

No face yet but we all know how cute this will be once it is completed. ^_^

Happy Yumi is Happy

Here we see Kai, hard at work with his own creations. He decided to dabble in mini bento boxes. Something I never even dared to attempt but he very much succeeded and you'll see in in the following photos.

 Here are the contents of Kai's bento creation. A bunny onigiri (riceball) half a hard boiled egg, tomatoes and sliced tomatoes. 

Yumi requested Jammy to make chibi heads of Naruto and Sasuke. Here we see Jammy succeeding with her Naruto head. GO JAMMY!

Everyone busy at work on the Clay Station extension. 

Do you want to see their creations? Well stay tuned and It will be posted tomorrow evening ^_^ 

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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