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My New Hobby: Cold Porcelain Clay | Khrafteesi

Friday, December 20, 2013

Since about a few weeks ago (or about a month ago) I finally started pursuing an arts&crafts form called Claying, and the medium of choice is "Air Dry Cold Porcelain.
I have seen this a few months ago and I have been so intrigued with it and I wanted to go ahead and try it but I was too busy and I didn't have the fund to buy all the
items ideal for it.
Although it is relatively cheap to make the base product, the clay itself, I needed paint and piers and various other supplies to really make claying worthwhile.
So I made my first batch of cold porcelain about a month ago and I tried it out. Immediately, I fell in love with it!
Making those little creations of art was really enjoyable and statisfying. You see Im not really good with art. Or anyu art that requires a pen and paper. Which is the reason I stopped Interior Design because I really couldn't keep up with all the drawing subjects. But I found that I do quite okay with crafts. Which is why I and sinking my teeth into claying.

So, to celebrate this joyous day, I'm adding a new section to my Cosplay blog dedicated to this craft, and I will hereby dub it "Khrafteesi" 

So what in the world is Khrafteesi?

First of all, as you all may have already known, I am very much addicted to Game of Thrones and I love a particular character, Daenerys Targaryan a.k.a. Khaleesi. I cosplayed her and I just am so in love with her entire character. So I did a play on words with Khaleesi, Crafts, and Easy thus giving birth to this Frankenstein name of "KHRAFTEESI!" Silly I know, but what can I do? I love it!

Basically, I want to be able to share with you guys my experiences with this craft. I already have a tutorial on how to make your own cold porcelain. And I am also about to upload a video (if it isn't already) about how to make your own molds. In due time, with the amount of thing I make, I will be having giveaways of some of the stuff I made. :P  


I have to admit that I'm not very good at this yet, but in due time I will get better at this craft.

Anyway, week after week since I started I have been slowly building up my stocks and materials for making various trinkets and charms.

So this is my material Haul for the past weeks until December 18th.
(For clearer images you can click on them to view it bigger as a slidshow)

Here are some eyepins, jump rings, earring hooks, studs and those plastic things to keep your earring in place
Lara Novales jump rings eye pins and other jewelry making supplies

Lara Novales jump rings eye pins and other jewelry making supplies
I bought some cookie cutters, a small paint pallet mixer, some flexible silicone molds and a silicone mat
cookie cutters and molds from daiso ro saizen Lara Novales

Silicone mat from Daiso saizen Bacolod City Lara Novales

And of course I bought some acrylic paint and poster paint, to see which works better on cold porcelain. I bought some small long nose pliers and the hooked one I forgot what its called, and a trusty X-acto knife. 
Acrylic and poster paint with long nose piers and xacto knife - Lara Novales

I also bought a small organizer box to put all my jumprings in and a tube of Acrylic sealant. I was supposed to get silicone but the man gave me the wrong tube. Arcrylic works well too but its just not as glossy as silicone. 
Acrylic sealant for cold porcelain crafts Lara Novales

Acrylic sealant for cold porcelain crafts Lara Novales

Acrylic and poster paint with long nose piers and xacto knife - Lara Novales

I buy most of my items from Saizen/Daiso, hardware stores, bookstore, stationary supply shops. Living in a province makes it hard to look for specific items so you really need to be resourceful and determined to scrounge through this city to find the things I need. :P

So this is my material haul last week until Dec 18. I will post a new one since I'm planning on purchasing some more items soon. 

Oh be sure to check out my channel on youtube where I will start putting on tutorials and charm updates for ya'll. 

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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- Lara-chan