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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Since I was unable to go to Matsuri 2013 due to me being sick at that day, I stayed at home and tried out some new things. But before I post my work, here are some material haul for this week. 

 So I bought 2 small organizer box and 1 medium sized organizer box Then a set of icing nozzles, a pack of pastry backg (which I think I didn't need but oh well), craft tweezers for those hard to grip- super small deco items, and the 2 paintbrushes for all my painting needs (for now). I'm pretty happy with my craft shopping because buying stuff is such a therapy for me (even if i get more and more broke because of khrafteesi). 

I get most of my supplies from Daiso-Saizen, Handyman, and National Bookstore.

Okay so that's done here come my crafting for December 28:

I made some macaron shells. Chocolate in two sizes (big and small), then tiny grape macaron shells, and a pair of big straberry heart-shaped macaron shells. Once these dry I will start to decorate it and then put some filling on it. Oooooh exciting! 

air dry clay macarons

 Next, I always wanted to make bread but being a frustrated baker I could never make edible ones. So I decided to make a miniature bread. I was actually thinking about my friend, Goddess Miaka, who recently cosplayed as Sasha Braus from Shingeki no Kyojin. I think this bread charm will fit her well 
(What do you say, Goddess? Would you like me to make a bread charm bracelet for you?)

mini bread charm cold porcelain clay

 Last week I made some mini strawberries and I said to myself, "these kawaii strawberries need super small leaves." So I made a batch of leaves. I wanted the green to be more vibrant but my paint didn't allow such vibrancy. (This means that my next material haul will consist of different paint and clay pigmentation items aheeheehee). 

Just look at how small these little babies are in comparison to my fingers. ^_^

cold porcelain clay mini straberries and leaves

cold porcelain clay mini straberries and leaves 2

Now, I'm not a mathematician or a genius so most of the time I tend to have a bit of left over clay which i do not intend to put back into the mix because more often than not I adjust the color accordingly so they differ from the original batch. I turn them into mini sprinkles or tiny candy balls. Take note, these are even smaller than the strawberries. These sprinkles will be used as topping for my pastry creations in the future ^_^.

cold porcelain clay candy sprinkles

Last but not the least my first decorated mini chocolate cupcake!! OMG! I can't even being to say how much I am absolutely inlove with this piece. I know its nothing compared to what others make, but for me this is an achievement in itself. Just look at how tiny that is. I was originally trying out my icing nozzle but my clay wasn't conditioned well so it kinda flattened out a bit, but its okay. Everything about this craft is trial and error. But I think it still looked pretty darn DELICIOUS. :P

Cold porcelain clay mini cupcake

Cold porcelain clay mini cupcake 2

Cold porcelain clay mini cupcake 3

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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