Khrafteesi | Mini Cookie Earrings with Sprinkles

Saturday, December 21, 2013

My first finished product. A simple pair of mini cookie earrings. I have been so inspired to make accessories lately that i just had to try to make a pair of cookie ones. I made this with out the use of a mold or a cookie cutter. So this was all manual labor (while watching American Horror Story) 

Here are my own notes about my first pair of earrings:


  • - The sprinkles I made were too big for the cookie. I forgot to take into account that the clay shrinks up to 30% when it dries.
  • - I did place some clay icing on there ( I didn't have my sealant at the time to make actual icing) and since clay shrinks (again I forgot to take that into consideration), ths icing kinda disappeared under all the giant sprinkles. :( 

  •  - Because I didn't use a mold or a cookie cutter, it looks a lot more organic and realistic (in a sense)
  • - The texturing looks almost delicious.
  • - The thickness and the size, I feel, f just right for a pair of earrings. :P 

You can view my photos below on a larger scale by clicking on them. i scale them down so that I will fit the resolution of my blog and so that it wouldn't slow your systems down with large photos. ^_^

So this is "Khrafteesi's" very first completed accessory. (I do have several trial charms I will post those next time.)

So, tell me what you guys think I should try to make next? I am open for suggestions and maybe I will even give you the finished product (if I deem it shippable and not embarrassing). Leave a comment below. Don't forget to subscribe and follow my links. ^_^ 

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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