Unyuu Mimori Goes to La Salle

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Who says you can only cosplay during conventions and photoshoots?

So I went to my very first day in university as a Marketing student (after being delayed for over 5 years). And since I haven't bought a school uniform yet and I have nothing decent to wear to a semi-conservative university (since all my clothes are miniskirts and all that), I decided to wear something that was one of my most decent sets in my wardrobe. 

Grachie Claudio as Anna Kushina and Lara Novales as Unyuu Mimori in cosmania 13

My Sket Dan Seifuku of Unyuu Mimorin. The one that I cosplayed on day 1 of Cosmania 2013.

It was a safe choice since it was formal enough for university and it was pretty fun to be secretly cosplaying someone while in school. I expected that no one will notice since everyone in school would be too damn busy with school work and getting in class on time. So I was safe from curious stares and unwanted questions.

I survived the first day of university as Unyuu. 

Unfortunately Im not sure when I will go as Mimorin again since I just bought a set of uniforms to wear. ^_^ But who knows, I might just cosplay another seifuku set during the next laundry day (a day where we don't have to wear uniforms).

CLF Cosplay Le Familia's Sket Dance group in Cosmania 2013

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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