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Thor: The Dark World | My first Movie Review

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thor the dark world opening title

So I watched Thor: The dark world yesterday while waiting for my next class in university and I have to say I was fairly impressed and disappointed with the movie. SO I decided to write/blog about it here in Lara's Cosplay MisAdventures. This is my first review and I will not be following the "guidelines to reviews" and I will just be doing my own thing ^_^ So be kind to me!

Let us start with the basics:

(a long summary: because I want to)

The plot circles on an ancient race called the Dark Elves led by Malekith (Christopher Eccleston)  who, thousands of years ago, attempted to bring about darkness through the entire universe (9 realms) by using an age old powerful substance called  the "Aether" and taking advantage of a once in an eon phenomenon called the "Convergence" (9 worlds aligning in a perfect line, blurring the boarders of each world). They were destroye and defeated by the Asgardians, lead by Odin's father. They took the Aether, which cannot be destryoed and hid it in the far-deep reaches of the universe where no one can find it. 

Now in present time. The worlds were about to "converge" once more and with that, causes some freak gravitational shifting in various places of the world. This called the attention of Jane foster (Natalie Portman), who has been waiting and searching for Thor (Chris Hemsworth) for two years. As Jane, Darcy and "the intern" was exploring the area where gravitational fields were screwed up, Jane was accidentally sucked and transported to where the Aether was hidden away. Some suspense effects happened and BOOM, Jane was infected by the ancient power. 

Thor, who has been trying to pacify the 9 realms, went back to earth on the account of the gate keepers report that he couldn't see Jane. And then eventually brings her back to Asgard with him in order to figure out what was in her and how to get rid of it (His father doesn't agree though).

The Dark Elves were awakened because of the Aether's finding a new host and set out to destroy Asgard, re-claim the substance. They attacked the great warrior city, killing Thor and Loki's mother which devastated that raven-haired hottie prankster. This allowed him to make an alliance with his brother to plot against the Dark Elves. But can Thor trust Loki (who always seems to steal the show) ?

Just Some Things I Want To Point Out
(That might interest you)

Okay so I will first call your attention to something that FREAKED me out during the movie.
The damn DARK ELVES!!! They look like freaky and creepy raged-out teletubies...

Creepy Dark Elves in disguise

Teletubbies reveal their dark elf forms

 So I dunno if it is really just me or what. But I SO TOTALLY KNEW IT! Teletubbies are not only aliens but they are DARK ELVES' daughters who are sent to infiltrate the earth and brain wash our children!!!! So this movie should be Titled:
 THOR | Attack of the Teletubbies!
(kidding of coruse).

Show Stealer

Guess who stole the show YET AGAIN?

Sexy tom hiddleston

 all you Hiddle-fans out there will not be disappointed of his portrayal of Loki. Though for the first half of the movie he was locked away in a cell. Here is something, I think I'm being hit by the hiddleston bug because I just kept fangirling all over him in the cinemas. He was just such a brilliant actor. I even felt for him during the scene where he found out that his mother died and he went all crazy in his cell.

poor loki. I want to give him a hug

But seeing Thor and Loki work together for a short while brought about a warm fuzzy bro-mance feeling all over my body. 

Loki and Thor looking over the hills to the Dark Elf min army.

Surprising Cast Member:

There was one person in the cast that I was so surprised to see there and I honestly did NOT even recognize him, not until I read the ending credits. I had to see the first 1/4 of the movie again just to make sure it was him and why on earth I didn't recognize him.

Dashing Frandal from The Dark World poster

DO you see that Dashing young man who kinda looks like Theon Greyjoy from Game of thrones?
Well I dunno if you recognize him but the actor for Frandal in Thor is no other than this person.

Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski

Yes, all you Zachary Levi fans out there. Our beloved "Chuck" has turned blonde for this movie! I was so SURPRISED beyond lightyears surprised! Don't want to believe me? Well here you go.

Zachary Levi as Frandal in Thor: The Dark World
See? Zachary Levi as FRANDAL! he looked even more different with the armor on. I died right there in my seat. I am a huge Levi-fan and having him in this movie really brought my fangirl out of its pandora's box. 
For those of you who don't know, he is also the voice of Flynn Rider in Disney's Tangled. ^_^ (Yes he can frikkin sing!).

Back to important Movie Reviewing Stuff:

The only down side tothis movie is that the story and plot of Malekith was so underdeveloped and his plot was so weak. that is did not give much motivation for this villan to do anything of substance. (so sad). But everything else was amazing. The CGI, the fight scenes, and even the small tidbits of comedy in the film. 

(for me)

 FRIGGA vs. MALEKITH. I am not very familiar with all the Marvel world but I was stunned when I saw Frigga whip the teletubby master's butt. (for a time). Loved the performance and I loved her fierceness. Truly fitting the role of the Queen of Asgard (I didn't know that EVERYONE is a warrior in that city---sue me).

Frigga and Jane Foster as Malekith enters and fights Frigga

Stan Lee:

Yes you will see our beloved stan lee there in a comedic bit with Dr. Erik. 

Middle of Closing Credits:

Volstag and Sif meets with the "collector" (Taneleer Tivan) and placed the Aether in his care. But it seems this collector is out to do something rather... evil.

Ending Credits:

Jane eats something which I believe to be breakfast and then some thunder resounded and with a flash of light. TADA! Thor is back to earth and Jane runs up to him and they kiss happily ever after (for now).

My Thoughts?

This movie was definitely full of surprises, even if frikkin teletubby leader was a bit dull. I loved the comedic timings of Loki ( as always), Darcy (Kat Dennings) and Erik (Stellan Skarsgard). A lot of the bits in the movie was fairly predictable and the others were left unexplained. The direction was okay, but I really wish that Malekith wasn't so effin boring (just like the teletubbies show). 

I would rate this move a 9/10 (5 points of which goes to LOKI)

Have you watched this movie? What are your thoughts and opinions on it. Leave your comment below (because I seriously want to know ^_^ )

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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  1. I have never seen the movie until today and you are correct! My boyfriend was dumbfounded when I thought they were skinny Teletubbies until I showed him. I love your dark elf -teletubbie connection.

    1. Yes I remember when I watched this when it came out I couldnt get over the whole Teletubby-connection. :) hahahah!! Thank you for taking time to read this post.:)


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