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Otaku URULE iOP7 | Geisha in the Rain

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Otaku URULE iOP7 | Geisha in the Rain

After missing the previous invitational open photoshoots of Otaku URule, I really planned out and decided on going on the 7th iOP with the theme of Japanese Lanterns. I took down one of my old lanterns that I used back then when I was studying interior design in PSID.

Then I prepared my old dark blue yukata that i had purchased back in 2007 during spring time. (I wanted to wear it during sakura season in Beijing).  I tried to practice making my own geisha make up because I didn't have money at the time to buy new cosmetics. After a series of trial and error i just decided to go with plain baby powder. ^-^ 

So I met up with a few new friends at the meeting point so we can all go together at the Japanese Garden at Rizal Park. 

During the event it started raining really hard but that didn't stop most of us from having fun. I took the opportunity and got wet in the rain to acheive some dramatic shots. The skilled photographers and apprentices took beautiful photos despite the rain. My make up started to dissolve and my lashes were apparently falling off but it was okay. What mattered was just having fun. 

Here are some of the photos. 
Just click on the thumbnails to view the full image. 

XanderAboc's (set)

KenKoy's (set)

These are the few photos I was able to salvage and scrounge around the web. I'm really grateful to those photographers who braved the rain and I salute the other coaplyers who posed and got wet in the rain as well. It was such a fun experience. I met several new friends there like Likee Nunez and Kath Kaye. 

Now on top of this, I have decided to join National Blog Posting Month or better known as NaBloPoMo. It will be a great way to start really getting active in this blog of mine. It is also a great way to challenge myself to write more for my cosplay blog. So wish me luck everyone! 

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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