Chaoyang Park

RenMin Da Xue and ChaoYan Gong Yuan Impromptu Photoshoot

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One beautiful spring day in Beijing there was supposedly an event I wanted to go to. I decided to just costrip this time since I had just used Moka Akashiya just a few weeks before.

I went to the RenMin University Cosplay Fair. I took the subway wearing my costrip outfit. Sure enough there were a lot of people looking at me but it was okay. I wasn't sure where RenMin Da Xue was so I had to rely on street signs (in Chinese  and maps and asking around. But finally after wandering about in that University district I finally found the place. I was so stoked when I finally arrived. I went inside and the security didn't even ask questions AT ALL. They didn't ask for identification or anything like that. Another great thing about Beijing, there are no stupid rules about entering university grounds. 

So I walked around a bit, trying to look for the exact event tent but I found none. While I was walking around and double checking the maps a person approached me and started speaking to me in Chinese. I understood him a little but my Mandarin wasn't exactly the greatest in the land. It was a good thing he can speak English. He asked me if I was going to the Cartoon Exhibition (Cosplay convention in their terms). I told him I was and I was actually looking for the place. 

We ended up looking for the event together. And after asking around it seemed like the Cosplay Fair has been cancelled due to some college Basketball competition. It was a huge bummer. The man I met turned out to be a photographer and told me that we can just make our own event. He didn't want to be left empty handed after having traveled from the outskirts of the City only to be met with certain disappointment. He told me since I was dressed up we can just take photos around campus. So here are the photos he took while on Campus.

After we spent the whole morning in the University Campus, shooting and talking we decided to go south of the city to go to Chaoyang Park to do some more outdoor shots. 

So remember even when things seem like they aren't going your way, make sure to take a moment and look around you. You can always make it better, even more if sharing those moments with friends, new or old.

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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