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Friday, October 25, 2013

Hello everyone!
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Today I want to touch base on MAKE UP. 

Until very recently I've always done my own make up with what little knowledge I had. It was just powder and eyeliner for me when I started out as a teen then next came theatre make up which included dramatic use of products and exaggeration of the eyes and all that since your face needs to be seen from the audience in the back seat and through the harsh lighting. Then I went into cosplay and everything was about giving the illusion of having HUGE ANIME eyes and having fair skin. 

Teenaged Lara Novales with just eyeliner hahaha!
Teenaged me with just eyeliner hahaha!


Greeting friends after the show

Performing Candy Man during Velvet Rope. 

All about the Big eyes and "fair skin"

Big eyes and "fair skin"

Basically I knew nothing at all when it came to makeup, not until that fateful day when my best friend since I was 9 years old or so asked me to fill in as a model for her make up course in CAS. I said yes, since she is a very very dear and super awesome best friend of mine. 

When I got there I was so surprised at the amount of things I have been ignorant about when it came to make up. Brushes, palettes, tools and techniques I never EVER knew about. I observed how she did things and applied products to my face and I didn't mean it but I listened in when their instructor spoke and gave them tips and instructions. It was amazing! It was like my eyes has been opened to a whole new world of Make Up artistry. 

The look they had to do for the first part of the day was the "ponds girl look" then transitioned to the night time office girl look. GC Make Up Artistry started prepping my face and all that. I never realized that the "no make up/natural look" actually required SO MUCH MAKE UP! it was insane! She fixed my brows which I had shaved close to just half because of cosplay. Then she made my face look seemingly flawless which was amazing!

Here are some of the photos of her work on me. 

Before and after. No make up -> natural -> evening office girl

With Graciela Claudio MUA (Natural look)

With Graciela Claudio MUA (evening office girl look)

I frikkin have eyebrows!!! (sugoiiiii!)

I don't remember ever looking like this in the past and I was just so stoked when I saw the transformation in the mirror. Because my best friend did such a wonderful job on my look I got so interested in delving deeper in the cosmetics realm. (I mean which girls doesnt anyway?) 
The next time around she asked me to model for her class I said yes with almost no second thoughts. 

I will write more about that in the following posts. Stay tuned. 

Share your make up evolution from when you were a kid/teen till the present. I am very eager to know about it. :) 

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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