Animax Carnival

Animax Carnival 2012

Monday, October 21, 2013

Being new at cosplaying I did not posses a lot of costumes nor the knowledge on how to make or obtain it and other material used for the art.  I haven't gone to enough conventions nor did I know a lot of people, but because I was now part of a group called Cosplay Le Familia I felt more comfortable. 

While on my vacation in Manila back in winter 2012 (though there is no winter in the Philippines) I wanted to attend as many conventions as I can, bond with my new friends and get inspired by other cosplayers who will be attending said events as well. So I tried to stay well informed through cosplay blogs and facebook pages and I saw that there was going to be an ANIMAX CARNIVAL while I was still in Manila.

I checked my bare cosplay closet for something, anything that I could possibly wear. And I found my old Yukata that I bought one spring day in Beijing. A beautiful dragonfly and bamboo hand painted traditional Japanese Yukata. 

The outfit I wore during the Animax Carnival 2012 was something that is usually labeled as "costripping" since it wasn't really any character in particular. I wore it anyway because I just wanted to have fun and dress up. I didn't own any wigs at the time since, like I mentioned, I was basically a beginner when it came to cosplaying. I was learning as I went. 

I went to the Animax Carnival and met with a few of my friends who introduced me to their friends. Since there were too many people in the main area we escaped and headed to the rooftop and that was where we just chilled, took photos and had lots of fun. 

The following are some of the photos I managed to salvage. It really sucks because my external hard drive is completely busted and ALL and I mean ALL of my photos are there.... my entire life... so I have to rely on my few upload I had posted a while back and from friends. 

Below from left to right:


Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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