My First Con Experience | Cosmania '11

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

 I remember my very first cosplay convention experience very well. But before we go into that I just want to share something with you guys. Before I found out about cosplaying in the Philippines I thought that Cosplay only existed in America and in Japan. You see, I lived under a rock when it came to the cosplay community. I didn't know a lot and that was mainly because when I was a very young girl and when I was addicted to anime, I was grounded and banned from anything Japanese for a while. It only rekindled when I saw certain photos from certain people (which I will write about in a different post) who attended events and even participated by dressing up as a their favourite character. 
Another misconception I had about cosplay is that, I though it was only for the rich and famous and that us feeble peasants are not worthy to don a costume. But i was wrong. When I saw those inspiring group of people I decided that "I, Myself will join the cosplay community". But not wanting to become ignorant I decided to attend conventions first. 
Which now leads us to our main topic. 

Armed with my old point and shoot and my enthusiasm me and a very very good friend of mine (let's all just call him Kensei. Some of you know him and some of you don't ^_^ ), I headed out to SMX Convention Center with a skip with each step I took. 
The moment I arrived there and saw people wearing amazing costumes I was so thrilled. EXCITED. I felt like a child on Christmas day. I lined up with Kensei to purchase our tickets because I didn't know at the time that I could buy them in advanced at SM TICKETS. 
I bought the ticket that allows me to watch the competition on the stage and also to roam around in hall where there were a lot of merchandise being sold. 

Soon I started taking pictures like your everyday average fan girl. Here are some from my album. Its nothing fancy since it was just an old point and shoot.

This was my first time seeing a little girl cosplay. I thought it was cute

 Me with some of the famous villains and monsters like Freddy, Jason. And look! Its Mr. T, I was so happy!

I am a huge fan of the American Cartoon Series Avatar: The last Air bender. So when I saw this grown up Ang in the Nickelodeon booth, I just had to have  a photo with him. Check out the way that woman behind me was totally ensnared by my kick ass boots. ^_^

 Some steam punk cosplays which i think were amazing! Its too bad my camera and poor pixlr skills do not give them any justice. Here are the links to their Facebooks 
From Left to Right
[here] [here] and [here]

 And this was the very first time I got to meet Philippine's own Spider"Dan" !! He was always dancing and making a lot of people smile. 
Here is his Facebook page [ click ]

Meet Lara and Lara. >.<

 I was watching the SOLO cosplay competition on stage and this man captured me because he cosplayed the male descender in Tales of the World Radiant Mythology. An RPG game that is an all time favorite of mine. I play it on the PSP.

 When this Gundam Unicorn cosplayer got on stage. There were so many OOOHHS and AAHHHSS from the audience. Most specially when her suit transformed and also the fact that she is a very beautiful in a very awesome mecha cos. ^_^

And yes, the red angry bird was there too! I was so amused by it. And just so you know... its a girl inside this costume!

And the best part of that day was winning a My|Phone unit. My very first convention welcomed me by letting me win a new cellphone. It was nothing great (in fact I sold it soon after because I already had an amazing HTC phone at the time). 

So this concludes my short and rushed version of my recollection on my very first Cosplay Convention EVER. 

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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  1. Actually, we did buy the tickets in advance. You probably just forgot. ^_^

  2. I like the look of your new blog. ^_^

    1. Thanks Rhonn! I like it too. :) Although my Header text is glitchy at times.


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