First Photoshoot With Cosplay Le Familia in Bonifacio Global City

Friday, September 13, 2013

Bonifacio Global City Photoshoot With Cosplay Le Familia

Photo by: John Luy

Being a newcomer to the Cosplay community in the Philippines I was stoked when Jeff Encontro of Jenco Photography invited me to join a photo shoot at Bonifacio Global City. I have never participated in a photo shoot before so I was very very nervous when I first got there. I was very intimidated by the other cosplayers and the photographers since I have never really met any one like them in the past. Not to mention I didn't have a costume. I only had Gothic Lolita outfits and a pair of neko (cat) ears. (Also I wasn't as pretty or as skinny as them - one of my biggest insecurities as a person in general).

But they were all very nice to me and were very easy to talk to. 

Here are some photos from the event that I really liked. I won't be posting all of them because there are a DUMPLOAD during that day but here are just some of the more memorable ones for me.


Click on photos to enlarge
The Girls of CLF (Cosplay La Familia)
From Left to Right:
© Christiam Lopez

The Boys of CLF
From Left to Right:
© Christiam Lopez
Lin Ling© Jan Candaza | Photography
| Beru Daniel Talavera

Atenz © Gelric Photography

Andrea © Gelric Photography

Veronica Manuel (d'Goddess Miaka ) © Christiam Lopez
JC Zala © Gelric Photography

Yvonne Caryl © Jan Candaza | Photography

Jeffery OlaƱo © Christiam Lopez

Jeff Encontro © Jan Candaza | Photography

Jet © Christiam Lopez

Roeffy © Gelric Photography

And now here are some of my photos. Its not a lot for now because I was a total wreck in fron tof the camera seeing as it was my very first time to be taken photos of. >.< But it was a learning experience. I mainly watched the others on how they posed in front of the camera. So please don't be too harsh on my photos. 

Lara (Khaleesi) © Gelric Photography
Lara (Khaleesi) |© Daniel Talavera
Lara (Khaleesi) © Christiam Lopez

I really had a great time during my very first photo shoot. After this day I was invited to join CLF which I am grateful that they did. Until now they are still my cosplay family and we always have bonding moments that I will forever cheish.

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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  1. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH LARA! <3 I will never forget this precious moments with ya. ;) :* (Hugs and kisses)

    love: yvonne caryl.


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