Day 2 of Cosmania 11

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 2 of Cosmania 11: Photo Post

with Spider"dan" as Michael Jackson! He was so nice and he even complimented my outfit! *fangirl*

 Gerard Sison as Super man. He sang on stage during day 1 and it was pretty cool!

 These Silent Hill cosplayers were very accurate with the way the characters actually moved and even sounded. Even Pyramid head was scary!

Let me tell you what happened during this photo moment. It was my first time in a convention and so I was pretty clueless when it came to convention etiquette and manners. I spotted this duo and in my excitement I just fangirled and asked if I can havbe a photo with them. but I didn't realize immediately that they were having a snack. Kensei told me but then they were nice enough to put down their chucky drink and had a photo with me. (Bad con-goer bad) But anyway lesson learned.

Yuki Ace as Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter. Kurapika is my childhood anime crush despite other people saying he is gay or a girl. While I was walking around the stage room I spotted the oh so familiar outfit and the blonde hair. He was quite far from me but I literally squealed in delight and ran after him (in my high boots) and asked if I can have a photo. 
Funny thing about conventions. You develop friendships in the oddest ways. Yuki and I, though we only met for a few seconds back then, we remained good friends through talking on facebook and the likes. We recently saw each other after 2 years in Otaku Expo and it was a nice reunion. (will blog about it next time).

Besides loving anime and other things. I also like to play computer games. One of my all time favourite FPS (First person shooting) game is Left For Dead (2). When I saw this man cosplaying as a witch I also fangirled and beelined to him to ask for a photo. Looks like I didn't disturb the witch too much. ^_^

I was walking around the Stage room when I eyed the Cruizer booth selling flavoured vodka drinks. I spotted Captain Jack Sparrow. He was so accurately Jack and he even had a drink with me. We just pretended it was rum. ^_^

I've never really watched any of the SAW franchise but this cosplayer was already scary to begin with and he never got out of character even when I asked for his photo.

I do not know which anime or game her character is fron but I have to give her tons of kudos for being brave enough to wear something so revealing. Maybe someday when I've lost enough weight I can start wearing more daring costumes.

Counter Strike anyone?

God Eater

Naruto: Akatsuki

This is the family that inspired me to attend and to cosplay. Tita Mavic and Tito Mike were my sunday School teachers when i was young and I always admired their home. It was Japanese inspired. They are both Samurai X fans and of course the whole family is full blown otaku. I haven't seen them in almost a decade but they greeted me so warmly and she even told me that I should cosplay. And so I thought about it long and hard and decided to take her advice and cosplay.

Lara Krystle Novales
a.k.a. Khaleesi-Chan

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