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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I love anime and I love manga. But I don't really know how I came to love them or why. So Im trying to trace my otaku roots from when I was but a small innocent child without the knowledge of 'yuri', 'yaoi,' etc...

So far my earliest memories of anime are robot shows. Namely, Voltes V and Diamos.

For those of you who are the same age as me, older or just a little younger than me, you all probably know what these shows are. They are not your typical run of the mill anime you see now in the TV stations or online. These are probably the most awesome ROBOT SHOWS I have ever watched back then. I mean of course now we have Gundam and EVA but Votles V and Diamos, even Mazinger Z and the likes were the FIRST of its kind! Right? So they are the pioneers of our amazing robot shows today.

Lets go through memory lane shall we and reminice.

Chōdenji Machine Voltes V 
超電磁マシーン ボルテスV Chōdenji Mashīn Borutesu Faibu,  
Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes Five

The Second Installment of the Robot Romance Trilogy.
Is anyone here a fan of Steve Armstrong, Jaime Robinson, Big Bert, Mark Gordon, or even Little John Armstrong? I know I am! Oh and don't forget Prince Zardoz!
If you are Filipino, Im almost 100% sure that you know the theme song to this and the spoof of the night time comedy show Bubble Gang.

Voltes V

Tōshō Daimos 
闘将ダイモス Tōshō Daimosu
Brave Leader (or Fighting King or Battle Commander) Daimos

 This is the 3rd Installment of the Robot Romance Trilogy. 
I wished to be Princess Erika and have wings and fly away to my very own Richard. My first moments of being a fangirl is when Richard took Erika to that beautiful fields of flowers that when the wind blew it changes colors due to its different colored petals.

Prince Ulrich or Richard? Who do you like?

As a child, I remember doing the fighting stance of Diamos with music.

Voltez V vs. Diamos
Who will win this epic battle?

 Well this is just my musing on this topic. If you want me to write an indepth thing about the Robot Romance Trilogy (which I admitedly havn't watched the first installment yet :( ) Let me know in the comments below.

Also comment on which Robot show is your favourite. It doesn't matter if it wasn't on my post.

Ja! Mata Ne!
Lara Novales (Neko - Chan)

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  1. Interesting piece!I haven't watched any of this trilogy actually. Regarding childhood memories of Japanese cartoons, those classics come to my mind: Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball of course.


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